Day 4: Finding Yourself – Society is Not Your Friend

Wake Up!



The Process of Differentiation

This is most men (most people). Society and culture have the side-effect of making it extremely difficult to go against the grain. Even though many men are called to greatness, few answer because the initial cost seems to great.


Answering the Call

Answering the Call to the Hero’s Journey is that blind step off of a cliff that only a fool could take, and this is where every journey begins. The Universe bitch-slaps you so hard that when your vision finally clears and the tears dry up all you can say is “okay, what’s next…” And, that is how this journey begins.

As the late, great Terrance McKenna once said, “Culture is not your friend….” Society is not your friend. Society ordains that everyone play a role and not all roles are acceptable.

What is Men Living with Meaning?

As I was saying, it has less to do with anything being wrong with the world – that’s always been broken, or working as intended – and more to do with you creating your place as a man. Not taking your place (as in actually taking from someone else or being handed a ‘birthright’) that’s for the ‘elite’. You, you’re going to have to prove your own value and develop your own self-worth, and once you believe it and act in it, then others will allow you to have it.

Are you ready for the journey to begin…?

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The Next 30 Days Will Help You Decide Which Path to Follow:

The Social Path
Follow social cues as portrayed in celebrity roles and product/meme promotion. Evidenced in popular men’s magazines like Men’s Health, GQ, Esquire, Maxim, etc.
The Familial Path
Follow your parent’s paradigm. This is very strong in most religious communities and has been referred to as “Garden of Eden thinking”, but there is little thinking and much mimicry.

The Mystical Path
Follow ‘divine’ cues. This is personally interpreted and often requires going against both social and familial cues. Joseph Campbell’s phrase was “follow your bliss”. It won’t make sense and it is one hell of an adventure!