Day 9: Emotional Healing for Your Inner Child

Wake Up!


There is nothing wrong, per se, with the world. And, that is such a generalized term anyway… What is the “world”? From what field of study are we talking? Spirituality? Psychology? Philosophy? Biology? Religion? Economics? Sociology? The list of perspectives goes on and on. The challenges being faced today are the same as they were 100 years ago or 10,000 years ago. It is an ongoing battle over territory (resources), power (economics, politics and religion), and perception (psychology, communication and entertainment). You just happen to be caught up in it all at this point in time.

What has changed is the rate at which technology advances. Your caveman brain and nervous system still have not evolved to manage how quickly information is processed and it is nearly impossible to separate external experiences from internal experiences – as if they aren’t pretty much one and the same anyway…

What is Men Living with Meaning?

As I was saying, it has less to do with anything being wrong with the world – that’s always been broken, or working as intended – and more to do with you creating your place as a man. Not taking your place (as in actually taking from someone else or being handed a ‘birthright’) that’s for the ‘elite’. You, you’re going to have to prove your own value and develop your own self-worth, and once you believe it and act in it, then others will allow you to have it.

Are you ready for the journey to begin…?

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By joining Men Living with Meaning, I affirm that I am a male in good mental health and I accept full responsibility for my experiences during this training. If you are interested in personal development for women, go here: Empowered Muse


Defense Mechanisms

Men Living with Meaning (MLM) is a rite of passage. A guide and an initiatory process in which boys can become men. MLM draws upon the most effective esoteric and scientifically-based processes for creating self-awareness.


Approach Avoidance

Until you recognize the forms for what they are, you will continue to act and react to your environment on autopilot. When you recognize the forms, they will serve you.

The next 30 days will install awareness of Timeline Imagery: